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This once plain sideboard has been transformed into a bright and sophisticated statement piece. It’s now crisp finish projects elegance with its curved features and gold framing.

Dressed in white it is the perfect canvas for the bold and ethereal design.

Shelley of Blu Avery has allowed the decoupaged artwork to flow with the contour of the furniture - the hand embellished print by artist Celia Davies captures the essence of stillness and space, drawing you in to the darkness.


This is no longer a server or cupboard, but a stunning piece of functional art that will add drama and brilliance to any room.



Height 93cm

Width 142cm

Depth 50cm

Approaching Darkness Sideboard - Celia Davies Decoupage, White and Gold

SKU: Approaching Darkness Sideboard
  • Exclusive collaboration with the option to purchase a limited edition print to accompany the sideboard and complete your room.

    View the Approaching Darkness Print here

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